Actors Index

A list of which actors are "taken" so to speak in Phoenix and the characters that they play. If your actor is particularly obscure (say not in a currently active American television show or a well known film actor), please state where they are from.

NB:It is usually not a problem to use the same actor as another if it is in a different genre, eg Firefly and Star Trek.

Military ranks are only given for active or retired members of a "proper" military/law enforcement organisation. Anna Maczarek's 'Colonel' is for internal purposes only - she was discharged as a Sergeant. Any Independent fighters do not have the right to use their wartime rank in their legal title.


  • Sasha Alexander - Alex Morris (Greenleaf Skyplex)
  • Amy Acker - Regina "Rainey" Castermere (Kvant), Lieutenant Colonel Yekaterina "Katya" Kuznetsova (Covert-81)
  • Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice) - Fiona McCarthy (Cydonia)
  • Gemma Arterton - Brooke Catelli (Cydonia)
  • Malin Arvidsson (Swedish series Arne Dahl) - Carina "Carrie" Larsen (Stargate Beta Site)
  • Reiko Aylesworth (24) - Romana VI (The Triple First)






  • Oded Fehr - Lt. Riverwind Buchanan (Beta Site)
  • Terry Forrestal -Chief Engineer J. Wellington Major. (Jewel of Hera)
  • Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Merlin, many British things) - Captain Anna Heinz (USS Repulse), Dr. Aldia Justice (Alycidon)
  • Jorja Fox - Jelena Markov (Atlantis)
  • Megan Fox -Ysanne Darjani (Accipiter)
  • Morgan Freeman - Big Sarge Merle/ Merlin (The Dark Cometh), Azim nur el musaphir et ali ashrak al jahal (Fourth Age)



  • Elisabeth Harnois (CSI) - Eva Bowsmith (Forgotten Realms), Dr. Natasha Gerardi (Alpha Six)
  • Neil Patrick Harris - Laszlo Cseri Hedegne (InviSec)
  • Nigel Havers (British actor known for playing posh guys) - Captain Donald Walton (HMS Nelson), Air Chief Marshall Sir Percy Wallington (Fighter Ops)
  • Desmond Harrington - Joseph Quinn (Kvant)
  • Dennis Haysbert - Professor Maurice Duke (Mass Effect)
  • Liam Hemsworth - (Red Dawn/The Expendables 2) - Agent War/ Warren Mycroft (The Dark Cometh)
  • Audrey Hepburn - (Funny Face) - Danika james (Greenleaf Skyplex)
  • Tom Hollander (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Rev) - Worthy Summers (Stargate)
  • Josh Holloway (Lost) - Wyatt Steele (Elemental)
  • Anthony Hopkins - Mr Grafton (Umbra)
  • Alaina Huffman - Mirjam Volker (Cydonia)
  • John Hurt - Major General Kurt Wallenstein (No appearances as yet), voice of Beeching (Alycidon)


  • Tamil Jyothika - Laveena Simran (Cydonia)**




  • Matthew MacConaughey - James Carter (Firefly NPC)
  • Kate Mara - Petra Devereaux (Zombies)
  • Dulce Maria - Kateri {The Dark Cometh)
  • Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) - Lucinda 'Lucy' Kovak
  • Malcolm McDowell - James Henry Welsh (Vermillion City)
  • Ewan McGregor - Joseph Smith (The Jericho)
  • Ian McShane - Kelvorn Sun-Campbell (Cydonia)
  • Rachel Melvin - Harper Graves (Kvant)
  • Georgia Moffett (Doctor Who) - Poppy Brandes (Atlantis)
  • Viggo Mortensen - Marco Averson (The Dreamcatchers)
  • Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) - Major Victoria 'Monty' Shaw (Alpha Six)
  • Miss Mosh - Shadra Reu (Accipiter)
  • Cillian Murphy - (Batman Begins/28 Days) - Herman the Librarian/ Hermes (The Dark Cometh)


  • Kelly Olson - Ambassador Merisee Sulmare (The West Star)
  • Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood/Justified/Catch and Release/ Live Free or Die Harder) Pim Werner (Cydonia)
  • Randy Orton (Professional Wrestler) - Anton "Gore" Gorman - (Umbra)
  • Kailee O Sullivan Celadine (Fourth Age)
  • Clive Owen - Corban Adenn (InviSec)


  • Cote de Pablo (NCIS seasons 2-9 as Ziva) - Major Nina "Zorro" Espinosa (From The Ashes)
  • Anna Paquin - Sherilyn Eastman (Cydonia)
  • Andrej Pejic (Model) - Kreston Vale (The Dark Cometh)
  • Tahmo Peniket (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) - Joshua Temple (Jericho)



  • Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) - Nina Havel (Greenleaf Skyplex), Squadron Leader Nina "Sweeney" Todd (Fighter Ops), Major Lenka Rybarova, (Alpha Six)
  • Sarah Rafferty (Donna from Suits) - Lieutenant Commander Sonia Arkwright, (From The Ashes)
  • Emilie de Ravin - Tania Taylor (Cydonia)
  • Jean Reno - (The Professional and Various Movies) - Christophe Bellamy (Cydonia)
  • Michelle Rodriguez - (Fast and the Furious series, Resident Evil, James Cameron's Avatar) - Liberty Thomas (Pacific Rim)
  • Daniela Ruah (NCIS: Los Angeles) - Belén Santiago (Alpha Six)




  • Bradley Walsh (Eastenders, host of the British version of The Chase, Law & Order: UK) - Peter Tyler (/[[Kvant]]/)
  • Zack Ward- (Titus) - Brint Dao-Tsun (Umbra)
  • Anna Walton (various movies) - Providence Amstutz (The Dark Cometh)
  • Nicola Walker (Spooks, Last Tango in Halifax) - Captain Sunita Kumar (Alycidon)
  • Michael Weatherly (Lead Singer of Paramore) - Luke Hansen (The Triple First)
  • Barry Weiss - Captain David Grant (Jewel of Hera)
  • David Wenham - Elboron 'Cair' i Rath Celerdain (Fourth Age)
  • Rachel Weisz - Lieutenant Tatyana Kazimirovna (Mass Effect)
  • Haley Williams - Mila "Popcorn" Waczinski (From the Ashes)
  • Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) - Major Victoria "Chip" Carter (From The Ashes)
  • Ray Winstone - Eric "The Butcher" Von Beck (Umbra)


  • Naoko Yamazaki - Noriko Yukimura (Radioactive)
  • Steven Yeun - Bryan Chu (Kvant)