Ajje Acquisition April 2015

General population vote initiated April 4, 2015, lasted two weeks.

Finalized proposal submitted:

1. Phoenix Roleplaying will take immediate and complete ownership of all copyrights - characters, original roleplaying settings, and any other intellectual copyright - held by AJJE Games. Alex Verdusco reserves the right to reuse the name "AJJE Games" at a future date should he choose.

2. Phoenix Roleplaying will enter into a long-term license, to last no less than five years, with Alex Verdusco in his role as the owner of the PARS posting technology to use the same technology to power some of the roleplaying environments on the Phoenix Roleplaying website.

3. The license referred to in 2 shall be bound by the following conditions:

3a. Alex Verdusco and/or a single designee of his choosing (hereafter referred collectively as Alex Verdusco), shall always have server access to PARS.

3b. Phoenix Roleplaying members authorized by Alex Verdusco are permitted to make adjustments to PARS. Anything that materially redefines the flow or alters the function of PARS shall not be classified as an adjustment and must have the approval of Alex Verdusco before being implemented.

3c. Should Phoenix Roleplaying violate condition 3a or 3b, Alex Verdusco shall have the right to remove PARS from the Phoenix Roleplaying website with a sixty day notice.

4. For absolute clarity, and the benefit of plain English terms, this agreement may be read as follows: Alex Verdusco will hand over all AJJE copyrights to Phoenix. Separately to this, Phoenix will license PARS from Alex Verdusco, on the conditions that Alex or his designee always have access to the PARS installation, that only Phoenix members authorised by Alex/his designee may adjust PARS code, and that any significant changes to PARS must have Alex/his designee’s approval. If these conditions are broken, Alex may terminate the license and remove PARS from the Phoenix website - however, even if this happens, Phoenix will continue to hold the copyrights.

5. In accordance with Alex Verdusco’s terms for our accepting PARS, a page will be maintained displaying his copyright to PARS and space will be made on the site for a brief history of the AJJE legacy. This page shall be displayed publicly within 180 days of both sides agreeing to this document.

AJJE acceptance of proposal approved April 22, 2015.