Anna Maczarek

Anna Maczarek, 31, is the founder of Maczarek Security and Commanding Officer of The Eagles of Warsaw. A decorated Alliance war hero who become well known due to her role in bond drives, the former tank gunner now commands almost 4000 people. Her personal wealth is considerable, although much of it is made up of shares.

A tough, lead from the front officer, she is known for a no-nonsense attitude and speaking her mind. She is highly competent with pistols and SMGs, due to extensive training both in the Army and since, as well as operational experience. She conservatively estimates the number of people she's killed in the low 200s.

She is married with one daughter, Victoria. Her husband spends most of the time looking after the house.

GM Notes

Anna Maczarek is "played" by Stana Katic from Castle and jokes linking to that series are encouraged.

In terms of her overall personality, one should think of General George S. Patton, who decided, on crossing the Rhine River in March 1945, to relieve himself into it. While she's not quite as crude as that, she does lack a certain social grace. She dresses pretty conservatively.