Athena is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier. It can be fully operated by two crewmen, a driver and a gunner and can transport up to eleven soldiers. The gunner, like the rest of the crew, is safely inside the vehicle and operates the mounted turret from there. Although its original and main purpose is to move the troops into enemy territory and have them dismount for combat, it also functions as an artillery unit.

The vehicle is quite fast for an APC, with speeds up to 120 MPH and is fitted with a diesel V6-engine which is considered outdated by many. Although old, the engine has also proven to be one of the most reliable, causing it to being used up to this day, since it doesn't require spark plugs and proves less of a hazard in the explosive situations the vehicle is often put in.

The composite armament on the APC will repel standard machine gun fire and can also withstand several impacts of tank shells, although not too many. The armor is also heat resistant, meaning that the vehicle can safely move through fires.

Athena carries a 40 mm heavy gun, capable of taking out entrenched soldiers, other APC’s, small tanks or any kind of not too large obstacle. Its automated reloading system allows for rapid gunfire. The 40 mm heavy gun can be operated by either the targeting computer, or the vehicle’s gunner, the latter generally being more accurate. Right next to the 40 mm heavy gun is a single .50 caliber machine gun, which can only be operated manually.