Sim Creator: Mike Palmer (has now left Phoenix Roleplaying)
Sim Leader/Game Master: James Mcguire


Atlantis is the last Iskellion Raider, a survivor of the U-War, now in the possession of Captain Gunther Lindemann. Lindemann is a former Merchant Marine officer with a mission to assist the downtrodden and oppressed people of the Rim, and leads a crew of skilled men and women who regularly go in harm's way.

The Characters

Gunther Lindemann

Former CO of the vessel.

Jelena Markov (Jorja Fox)

A former champion cage-fighter with a distinct lack of tact and a generally aggressive attitude. The senior half of the Fire Duo, the security team for Atlantis.

Susan "Sue" Ling (Renee Felice Smith)

A keen young newbie to the mercenary business, Sue is a rich girl who wants adventure. A keen markswoman, she forms the junior half of the Fire Duo.

Ryan Bow

The chief engineer of the Atlantis. Ryan is no hero, but has earned his place on the ship. Being against lethal firearms, he carries a sonic pistol.

Key NPCs

Colonel Anna Maczarek

A decorated Alliance war hero who served in a high-scoring tank crew, Anna Maczarek is the Commanding Officer of Maczarek Security. A fiery-tempered commander with a keen business acumen and a liking for unusual punishments, Anna is also a skilled combatant and is not afraid to step directly into harm's way.

Right now, she is trying to recruit Atlantis and its crew as auxiliaries for Maczarek Security.

Basic plot (so far)

After an extensive refit on Persephone, the Prinz Eugen took on her initial new crew on St. Michael. It was a decidedly diverse group with mixed back grounds between both Alliance and Browncoats, as well as a few like Captain Gunther “Lucky” Lindemann who were unhindered by the war’s cumbersome baggage. Following a departure from St. Michael, the ship travelled to Akers Bluff, and in route answered a distress call in the Black which turned out to be an ambush by a villain known as the Corsair King. The Prinz Eugen escaped the trap by some fancy maneuvering and even managed to damage the pirate vessel in the process.

On Akers Bluff the ship took on more crew and her captain felt pretty good that they now had the means to operate as planned. It was Gunther’s dream to use the Prinz Eugen as a private instrument to help bring justice to the downtrodden of the Rim, and give payback to crooked politicians, black-hearted criminals and those vicious individuals who preyed upon the weak. To this end, he named his crew the Lions of Guan Gong, after an ancient Chinese hero of legend who lived to dispense justice and assistance in a corrupt world.

The adventures of the Prinz Eugen took her from world to world, and even a space station or two now and then. They fought against vicious Tong antagonists and allied themselves with the Golden Dragon clan in the process. They battled pirates and eventually assaulted the home world of the Corsair King, which resulted in the defeat of the corsairs, the capture of their cruel pirate leader and the freeing of hundreds of captives from utter slavery. They faced an on-planet attack by a heavy tank and a force of armored mercenaries, who attacked the Prinz Eugen while she was in port for a critical systems refit. They challenged Reavers on several occasions, which led to the display of many acts of selfless valor as they bested these sub-human cannibals in both ship-to-ship and melee combat.

And after each victory, the Prinz Eugen added trophies from each vanquished enemy. From the solid oak table in the ship’s mess to the 50 pound repeating cannon mounted under the ship. Then the unthinkable happened… the Alliance descended on the Prinz Eugen in port without warning and arrested Gunther Lindemann. He was subjected to intensive interrogation for supposedly engaging in anti-government activities, and while he was in custody most of the crew scattered to the four winds to protect themselves against unjust detainment, for which the Alliance had earned a cruel reputation. The XO, ex-SGT Joe Highbridge of the Independents quietly slipped off into the night when the chance presented itself, as he was a wanted man by the Alliance, but the other senior officers and ratings stayed on, including: Chief Pilot Mark Ho Chang, Engineer X. Davies and Assistant Engineer Ryan Bow, and Ship’s Gunner Morgan O’Doyle.

With the ship inactive and guarded by Alliance troops, it was a surprise one day two weeks later to see a large, black limousine pull up outside the ship’s hanger with Alliance flags on the fenders. A smartly dressed ensign jumped out of the front and opened the passenger door, then stood at attention while an aide-de-camp exited and also stood the side as a disheveled and worn looking Gunther Lindemann stepped out of the back of the limo. Both Alliance men saluted crisply as Gunther prepared to leave, and the aide-de-camp said something to Lindemann which could not be heard by the ship’s crew. As Gunther walked away, the Alliance men got back in their limo and it quickly drove away in a cloud of dust.

Morgan O’Doyle had been watching the events transpire from the shadows by the hanger bay door, and as Gunther shuffled forward toward the ship, she quickly ran to him and hugged the stuffing out of her captain. Both of them had tears in their eyes as they pulled apart and looked at each other. Then the old command structure returned and they both assumed a more professional demeanor, though both knew and respected each other as old comrades. “What happened Captain?”, Morgan asked her CO with genuine concern in her voice. “Some anal idiot in the local Alliance chain of command thought I was some sort of subversive and needed to get the third degree treatment. All I could do was to tell them the truth… but they couldn’t believe it, and so tried harder with their interrogation. Right up until they got a call from my old friend Admiral Frederick Froebe, and it was amazing how fast they moved after he put his shiny black boot up somebody’s butt. They couldn’t have been more deferential and courteous… the bastards.” Gunther looked at Morgan with sunken, tired eyes and said, “Help me get aboard, O’Doyle. I need a drink and would love to share a single malt scotch with you, if the bastards left anything of mine aboard.” Morgan put her arm around her captain and steadied him as they walked together up the personnel ramp into the cargo hold.

Gunther Lindemann was not the same man after that, and as his old crew got word that he had been vindicated and released, some of them returned to the ship. But Gunther had lost his drive… it had been beaten and purged from him by the Alliance. To give her a fresh start, he changed the name of the ship to Atlantis and pulled in a few favors to arrange for a new legal beacon for her. Then he packed his gear, stowed the beacon for the Prinz Eugen in baggage, gracefully turned command of his ship over to her remaining crew and left for his home on Persephone.

Around this time, the group was approached by two mercenary firms - Maczarek Security and Wallenstein - who both looked to recruit them to their ranks. However, the ship decided that it would remain an independent group.

Vehicles on board

Red Hare

An armored skiff, capable of both higher and lower atmosphere flight.


An older model mule, used mainly to transport cargo from and to the Atlantis.


A fully tracked armored personnel carrier, which can transport up to eleven soldiers.

Three bikes

The Atlantis carries three - confiscated - bikes. One of them is a customized super bike, the other two are dirt bikes.

Behind the scenes

Atlantis is named after a Second World War German commerce raider. It is considered a continuation of the Prinz Eugen sim from AJJE Games, although another sim of that name remains there.

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