August Solitaire


August Solitaire (39) was brought up on Londinium and born under a different name as the only son of wealthy parents both holding political careers. He was never one to socialize with others, something that became more and more apparent during his early years in school. At one point he got beaten up by an older child, but later got his revenge by drowning the child. August’s quick wits made sure everybody thought that the older kid had just fallen off a bridge and drowned. This was the first time August realized he was good in hunting and killing people.
At the age of twelve, August was sent to a boarding school. Due to the strict rules upheld by the school, August performed better there than he had at his previous school. But although he did not have any trouble with learning, again he preferred the path of solitude. Every now and then he got in a fight, but in general the other kids left him alone, since they were afraid of him.
As soon as August was legally free to do as he pleased, he changed his name and took on the life of a mercenary and not long after that, a bounty hunter. He was good in what he did. Good enough to make life pretty comfortable for himself, although he was never one to live the life of the rich and famous. He never sought contact with his family again.
When the war broke out August joined the Alliance, figuring that they would end up as the winner. The Alliance military soon saw the potential in August’s skills and he was assigned to the covert ops unit, meaning that most of his missions consisted of assassination, theft and sabotage. Doing that which he was best in, the Alliance thought August a suitable candidate for their Operative program.
During his first year – which also turned out to be his last year – in the program, August learned a great many new skills, among which the most important were sword fighting and learning how to ‘read’ people. However, August was not prepared to follow every order given to him blindly, leading to him being dropped out of the program. The Alliance military reinstated August as a lieutenant in the covert ops unit, where he once more completed his missions with great success.
At the end of the war the Alliance military tried to kill August, deeming him too dangerous to be kept alive. August however saw through the scheme and managed to escape with several documents containing information which the Alliance would not want to become public knowledge.
It was only after he escaped, that August took on the name of August Solitaire, a name which he still carries today.
Once again August took on the life of a bounty hunter. As he made his escape after having taken out another target, he stumbled upon a small group of travelers, who happened to have a free berth for August, which secured his safe passage off-world. The ship was called the Claudia and to August’s astonishment he was almost immediately offered the position of XO. Suspecting the captain might have alterior motives, August accepted the position with reservations. However, he soon found out that many of the crew, including the captain, were sought by the law. Using this information August blackmailed the captain into handing over command to him. He is still captain of the Claudia, although he renamed it the Odyssey and is finding out that leading a group can in many ways be more satisfying than living a life on your own.

Family, friends and enemies

The following is a list containing August's most important family members, friends and enemies.

Family and friends

The only family August might have are his parents, but since he did not contact them after he left boarding school it is unknown if they are still alive. Either way, August doesn't care. August also doesn't have any friends.


  • The Alliance. Although August has knowledge that he can use as leverage against the Alliance, they would still not hestitate to kill him if they'd get the chance.

Background stories

There are several background stories of August Solitaire, telling about his life before he became a crew member of the Atlantis. Below you can find these stories from different periods in his life, sorted in chronological order.