CANIS HQ Georgia

CANIS HQ Georgia

Located in Augusta, Georgia. It's centralized and close enough to everything local. It's a large underground facility. (Map will be posted later)

The Cast

Director Moyeen / Anubis

Apparent Age:mid 40s
Birthdate: unknown
Enlightened Level: Unknown
Enlightened type: Deity

Abilities: STRONG Command presence, incredible physical skills, the ability to see inside most entities souls barring protections. (I.E. Tattoos and other wards). and when close to the Valley of the Kings, the ability to summon sandstorms and open the valley of the dead.[/b]

In May of 1940, is the first known appearance of the entity known as Moyeeen. During the Western Desert Campaign as the germans were using the Spynhx as target practice, a being was awoken. The god Anubis had been called forth to give judgement to those that would defile his slumber. Without concern for either side, Anubis summoned a sand storm which would wipe out both Allied and Axis forces. Only one group remained, as the French foreign legion had come to reinforce the allies.

Anubis took on the form of a Pakistani man to blend in. Curious as to why war had been brought back to his beloved valley, Moyeen sought forth to annihilate the cause. Thoth the god of wisdom/knowledge and Ma'at the Goddesss of truth and justice felt the presence of their awakened compatriot and appeared before him. Bringing Moyeen to the temporary hiding spot of the Library of Alexandria, which at this time laid underneath the mediteranean, in the old city of Alexandria. Thoth and Ma'at began to tell the tale of CANIS and the Dark to him.

Enraged at the state of affairs, Moyeen made it his prsonal calling to bring balance back into the world. Bringing Thoth and Ma'at with him, they completed hundreds of missions for the Allies in the name of CANIS.

Much of this data is still G-14 Classified

Personality: No non-sense but fair. Has a penchant for cookiness and loves sci-fi, fantasy, and the american game of baseball

Agent War/ Warren Mycroft

Agent Love/ Chase Love

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