Luardi CSX 5000

The Luardi CSX 5000 is a customized superbike. The Atlantis houses one of these bikes. The superbike’s most important features are the customized wheels, the customized suspension and the engine which was developed especially for this bike.

The bike is electrically driven. Since the bike’s frame and plating are made from a light-weight carbon composite, the bike is extremely light, which makes the driver feel the power of the engine even more. The electric motor, which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, also means that the acceleration of the bike is enormous.

Because of the bikes high top speed – over 200 MPH – and fast acceleration, manufacturer Luardi Company outfitted the CSX 5000 with special suspension and tires. The suspension is reinforced to provide maximum safety at top speed. The tires are made from specially reinforced rubber, providing more grip while slowing down wear out of the tires. Although the bike can ride on more conventional tires, these will wear out far more quickly.

Luardi Company wanted to do something special for their richer customers and therefore designed this superbike which actually has a converted car engine to power it. Although such an exclusive bike means that spare parts are hard to come by, one cannot deny that Luardi managed to manufacture one hell of a bike.