Sim Creator/Game Master: Deborah Leighton Plom


Cydonia is set on the rim world of Deadwood, part of the Blue Sun system, and is set in a small, dusty town that is two day's drive from the nearest spaceport. It boasts a hotel complete with companions, a church, a bar and a variety of stores, and the mayor oversees what can sometimes be a fairly lawless place - though most folks are honest, the gallows is kept in the town square as a warning to the bandits who patrol the hills. Money can be made prospecting, opening stores or working as a hired gun.

Map and Locations

Cydonia is part of a circuit of 14 towns, all within 65 kilometers of eachother (1 day's horse ride between any two towns in the circuit).
To the southeast of Cydonia lies Yangdon, the nearest major city. Yangdon is about 200 kilometers from Cydonia, a three day ride for an average horse, 2 and half days for a very fit horse.


The Characters

Mayor Henry Eastman and his wife Sherilyn Eastman.
He's highly moralistic, but sadly ineffectual.

She, on the other hand, is just plain no good.

Kelvorn Sun-Campbell

Kelvorn's henchmen:
Dan Doherty
Johnny Bridgers

Christophe Bellamy - The Doctor
Liu Bo Rong - Owner of the General Store
Iasan O'Malley - Owner of the bar and brewery
Fiona Sang - Owner of Yan's BBQ
Fiona Macarthy - Deceased
Jonathan Somerset - Employee of Yan's BBQ and Master Roaster
Frank Lundy - Tailor, Barber, and Owner of A New Look ~ Men's Apparel and Hair
Sam Chadwick -
Angel Batista - Barber
Gabriel Savage - Sheriff
Jesse Durelle - Drifter
Shepherd Samuel Colt - Shepherd
Jake Wade - Treasure Hunter
Jeremiah Caesar - Judge
Helen Ceaser – Jeremiah’s wife
Mirjam Volker - Lawyer
Verily Marshall – Hunter/Tracker
Cheyenne Marshall – Unknown occupation and Verily’s Cousin

Judge Ceaser's Regulators:
Dangerous Dan McGrew – Regulator
Richard ‘Buttsy’ Buttler – Regulator
‘Professor’ Keyhorn – Regulator
Billy Boy – Regulator
Jose – Regulator
Dirty Dave – Regulator
Johnny Montana – Regulator

Bar Employees:
Kain Black – Brewery employee
Jackie Black - Kain's sister
Jackie Long – Trader
Jessica Smith – Deceased
Roger Vane – Former bar owner
Terra Hanover – Bar employee
Trisha Stewart - Floozie
Brianna Griffin - Floozie

Key NPCs

Henry Eastman - Mayor
Sherilyn Eastman - Mayor's wife
Maurice Hugo – Independent General, convicted of war crimes for a massacre of Alliance prisoners on Hera (Deceased)
Peter Mason – Mirjam’s ex-husband and a convicted murderer

Basic plot (so far)

In the very recent past tragedy struck Cydonia. The Bar Cydonia exploded; leveling the building and sending everyone to the ground. There have been at least two confirmed casualties, both female, as well as numerous injured. The nearby buildings have received damage, minor however. At this time, the perpetrator is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Cydonia's name comes from a region in the northern hemisphere of Mars, best known for "the face" that is present there.

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