Further Administrative Policy - December 2012

These policies were passed in December 2012 by referendum

Admin Policy 12: Campaigning in Elections

Whilst Phoenix understands that candidates for election wish to campaign, our primary focus is, and should always be, on the sims. As such, we pen this policy on campaigning, with the goal of ensuring site management does not impose unnecessarily on our sims.

Summary: Campaigning is permitted fully in designated areas, and unobtrusively site-wide save where an SL wishes their sim or a Moderator wishes their forum completely free of such.

1. Candidates may place campaign messages or slogans in their post signatures.
2. Candidates may campaign in the Elections and Voting forum within their campaign threads.
3. Candidates may campaign in other forums provided it is unobtrusive (for example, directing someone discussing a policy in a sim's OOC thread to their campaign thread, making mention of their proposed legislation).
3.1 Sim Leaders and Moderators may choose to impose a blanket ban on campaigning in their sims, but consent to unobtrusive campaigning is assumed unless otherwise stated.
3.2 The definition of "obtrusive" in a given forum is determined by the person in charge of said forum (SL, Moderator etc).
3.2.1 Should the forum's manager be running for election, their right to determine such is forfeit to the EVC in general elections and the GC in EVC elections. They may, however, bring items they consider intrusive to the relevant Coordinator's attention. This does not, however, prohibit them from enforcing a blanket ban per 3.1.
3.3 If a campaigner's post is deemed to be obtrusive, and they cannot resolve the issue with the SL, appeals should be made to the EVC in general elections and to the GC in EVC elections.

Admin Policy 13: Sim Index Categories

That 'Category' Roleplay Areas (Firefly, Stargate, etc.) be provided for any genre in which we run more than one sim. Genres in which we only run one sim will appear in an appropriate 'Other' category Roleplay Area (i.e. 'Other Sci-Fi').

Exceptions to this rule can be made on a case by case basis if a member proposes a motion (to allow an exception for a particular sim to have its own area) which is then voted on and passes.

Admin Policy 14: House Rules

Sim 'House Rules' must include the following information:

1. AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) Policy, noting the number of days a player may go without posting before being considered AWOL, and the procedure for dealing with AWOLs.
2. Content restrictions, i.e. what mature content is allowed within the sim's forum, in character and out of character, and the procedure for dealing with transgressions. (See Member Policy 4: Content in RPs)
3. The sim's location on the following scale:
0 - players can generate NPCs and resolve their actions with no GM intervention.
5 - players can generate minor NPCs and resolve limited minor actions without GM intervention.
10 - players should get GM approval for any NPC and should state their actions and then wait for GM resolution of said actions.
4. Any other rule distinct to the sim.

Appended is a sample template which SLs are encouraged to use:

AWOL Limit: __ day(s)
Content Restriction: This sim places no restriction on content/This sim does not permit _, _ or _. Failure to abide by this will result in _.
NPC Policy: Players may not create any NPCs/may create minor NPCs/may create NPCs as they wish, and must await GM resolution of all actions/may resolve minor actions as they wish but must await GM resolution of major actions/may resolve actions as they wish. Breach of this policy will result in ___.
Other Sim Specific Item 1: Players must have a chicken on their head at all times. Failure to do so will result in the player in question receiving no pudding.
Other Sim Specific Item 2: There is no death, there is only the Force.