Georgia Taylor And The Water Of The Styx

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Adventure has many guises and one of them is Georgia Taylor. The globe-trotting Cambridge archaeologist is on a mission to find a valuable artefact that might contain the key to invulnerability. With Nazis and Communists both racing against her, she will need all her wits and skill to find the Water of the Styx.

The Characters

Diana "Georgia" Taylor

An expert archaeologist, Georgia Taylor is a teacher at Newnham College, Cambridge. A woman ahead of her time, she spent much of her childhood in India. Georgia was the name of her cat.

Key NPCs

Basic plot (so far)

The year is 1937. Georgia and her friends are returning from London, where they have just attended the coronation of King George VI.

Behind the scenes

Newnham College is a real college of the University of Cambridge - being then (and still now) women-only, one of three remaining Cambridge colleges to do so. Its alumnae include Olivia Williams, best known for her role in Dollhouse.

Women were only allowed to gain titular degrees at Cambridge until 1949: this means that Georgia has no voting rights in her college.