Girls With Exploding Guitars

Girls With Exploding Guitars are a four-member radioactive thrash band from Whitefall, known for their wild antics on and off stage. Best known for their hit singles "Eat Goat Meat" and "I Want It Five Times A Night", they have shifted over 30 million singles over the last four years.

The members of the band are:

  • Lisa Lewis - a leggy redhead. Lead guitarist
  • Hyun Kim - a dark haired former stripper who is generally to be found at best half-dressed. Singer.
  • Mimi Larson - a thin shy blonde lady. Bass guitarist.
  • Suzie Ahmed - A long-haired lady who is the member of the band who most people tend to forget the name of.

The band's name comes from the guitars that they like to throw into the air above the crowd at the end of each gig, where they explode harmlessly.

They have attracted strong criticism from certain people for wearing little on stage and trashing hotel rooms wherever they go.