Greenleaf Skyplex

=Glory of Ten Heavens, this is Greenleaf Control, you are cleared for docking at Berth 7. Local time is 2:18pm. All passengers and crew must register with dock security upon disembarking. We remind you that Skyplex is not a part of the planetary authority of Greenleaf, thus all goods and services are duty free. Retail shop hours vary, but many are open 24 hours a day for your shopping convienience. Welcome to Greenleaf Skyplex.=

Welcome to Greenleaf Skyplex.

Whether you are here on business or pleasure, our Skyplex has everything to make your stay as pleasant and productive as possible. We are in standard orbit above the majestic arboreal planet of Greenleaf.

We are the major distribution hub to all worlds in this quadrant of the rim. Little happens this far out in the Black that doesn't flow through our doors at some point. Visit our four decks of retail shopping. Pick up your parcels or have mail held for you at our FedAlli Mail office on Promenade 3. Try various cuisines representing the Rim, Border and Core. We have a dozen restaurants and even more Saloons to satisfy your appetite and entertainment.

For those that are more sporting in nature, try out our games of chance in the Casino on Deck 5. After a long trip through the black enjoy the comforts and hospitality of our mission temple. Most of their staff have visited or trained at guild houses on the Border. Fancy ladies and plenty of sport await you.

The wholesale mart is available for purchasing large quantities of goods and arranging for transport to the worlds of your choice. Our Dockmaster is up on what ships are in port and how to best charter their services.

This Skyplex has enhanced Cortex services for fast and convenient communications with the inner worlds and streaming news and entertainment. Many suites in our hospitality ring have units installed for your convenience.

Whether you are here for a day or planing on setting up shop permanently, we welcome you to the Greenleaf Skyplex. It's all you could want and more.

Deck One: Residential and Hospitality Ring.
The outer habitation ring is leased out to different Hospitality business for their clients and guests. Ring Suites have panoramic views of Greenleaf and the highest levels of accommodations. The residential apartments are for permanent Skyplex residents. Apartments are roomy and have most modern services. A school complex has been set up for our younger residents.

Deck Two: Retail Bazare
Everything you could need from medical supplies to waving cat statues can be found in the retail shops. Many shops are also located on decks one through four.
Notable locations:

Amoeba Wave Store (Sandra Siang, proprietor).
Ms. Lacy's Unmentionables (Katherine Lacy, proprietor).
JP's Beauty and Apparel (Roger Murphy, Proprietor).
Tenzing Momo Spa & Hotel (Renlei Sanchez, Spa Proprietor)
Universal Products & Supply
Morris Pawn and Consignment (Alex Morris, Proprietor)

Deck Three: The Hub.
This central facility contains most of our food services as well as public and private meeting areas to accommodate trade and business. It has landscaped with different planet species form Greenleaf to create a more soothing nature feel for our guests. Notable locations:

Furror's Pub (Dolph Heidler, Proprietor)
Lein Chi Fooditeria. (Mike Whitehouse, Proprietor)

Deck Four: Docking Ring
This ring holds universal docking and coupling facilities for most small to mid range freighters. The central section of the ring holds ship repair and maintenance services. The Dockmaster's office is here to process new arrivals. Other notable locations:
Unified Engine and Hull Works

Deck Five: Sporting Zone.
Deck five is restricted access for adults only. Here are a variety of casinos and track clubs for your gambling enjoyment. There are eight saloons and several clubs catering to the individual interests of their clients. Here is also the local Mission Temple. This is used for the relaxation and reinvigoration of tired crews looking to get a little trim to there course after long weeks in the black. Staff are guild trained but available at non-guild rates.
Notable locations:

Lucky 38 Casino (Tomas Blaine, Proprietor)
Phatasm Fettish Nightclub, (Alexander Northland & Kristin van Straten Proprietors)

Deck Six: Administration/Jail/Sick Bay
Here is the Marshall's office, jail and sick bay. If you are in trouble one way or the other you will likely end up here.

Deck 7-15: Warehouses
This vast warehouse section holds goods going in and out on local freighters. Often this area is used for more clandestine business dealings.

Deck 16: Large Vessel Docking
Mega Haulers and over-sized vessels use these exclusive docking facilities to offload bulk goods to the warehouse section. Normal commercial flights may not dock here.