Hms Nelson

Ex cearulo (Out of the blue)


Sim Creator/Game Master: Silent Hunter


A struggle for the future of the world needs the whole world. Representing Europe in the fight against the religious zealots that are the Ori is HMS Nelson, a 304-class carrier. With crew from the many great nations of Europe, Nelson is coming out of the blue to battle the blackest of hearts. Step through the Gate and onto a ship that's closing with the enemy.

The ship

HMS Nelson is your standard 304. It has the basic weapons loadout of the class pre-"Unending" and complement of 16 fighters, split into two squadrons, Escadre D'Estienne d'Orves and Warszawa Squadron.

At the start of our sim, the ship is basically straight out of the yards, rushed into service to replace the destroyed RFS Korolev. Bits might fall off as it takes off.

The Crew and Philosophy

Nelson is intended to be a reflection of the "Entente Cordiale" alliance between England and France, as well as more broadly the common understanding of the European Union, who have funded it.

The crew are mostly from "Europe", defined in this case as all of that continent outside of Turkey and the former USSR, although including the three Baltic republics for historical reasons. Other nationalities are permitted, but make up less than 10% of the crew.

A large number of traditions for the crew (who have been together for six months now) are formed from the various Resistance movements that sprung up in Occupied Europe during the Second World War. The two F-302 squadrons are named after a French martyr and the capital of Poland, for example.

The standard on-board languages are French and English.

Key NPCs

The names in brackets are the actors that "play" the respective NPCs, to give a better visualisation of them.

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes