Inactive Sims

The following sims are currently listed as inactive on Phoenix and are available for any enterprising Sim Leader to start up again. Please ask the original sim creator first - they may want to join!

The Academy (created by Kevin "Zuzutoo" Diamond)

There was a school… a, uh, government-sponsored academy, we'd never even heard of it but it had the most exciting program, the most challenging… we could have sent her anywhere, we had the money… but she wanted to go. She wanted to learn. She was fourteen. I got a few letters at first, then I didn't hear from her for months. Finally I got a letter that made no sense. She talked about things that never happened, jokes we never… it was code. It just said… "They're hurting us." - Simon Tam Explore the dark side of the Firefly Verse. Students and faculty are needed to push the boundaries of science and humanity.

Starbase 222 (Created by Krista Backman)

Starbase 222 is taking place a few years after Nemesis and a few years before the destruction of Romulus, in the year of 2382. A unholy alliance between Tal'Shiar, a changed Section 31, The Breen, the Kazikan Empire and the Orion Syndicate has set up a goal to occupy or destroy Sector 001. The only thing stopping them is the brave crew of Starbase 222.

The Drake Club (created by Silent Hunter)

It's 1909. A time of Kings and Kaisers. In Mayfair, the richest square on the vibrant board that is London, you can find the Drake Club. A retreat for the rich upper-class as they drink port, play bridge and moan about Marxists. However, the calm and quiet of the club is threatened as it discovers a sinister spy ring… Don your top hat and tails; we've got some sleuthing to do.

Second Age (never started)

This sim takes place during the War of the Elves and Sauron. Elves are the dominant race of the land, and the Dwarves are still strong in their underground cities. Armies of Elves that will only be remembered in song and distant memories fight for the freedom that later peoples will enjoy unknowingly.

Third Age (created by Ash Leighton Plom)

Farscape (created by Bill Greene, has not been on since Christmas 2011)

Georgia Taylor and the Water of the Styx (created by Silent Hunter)

Adventure has many guises and one of them is Georgia Taylor. The globe-trotting Cambridge archaeologist is on a mission to find a valuable artefact that might contain the key to invulnerability. With Nazis and Communists both racing against her, she will need all her wits and skill to find the Water of the Styx.