Isabella Castile

Name: Isabella Castile
Age: 23
Class: Explorer
Appearance: Caucasian female, blond hair, blue eyes, 5'7" and 130 lbs.
She is of average height and build, neither fat nor thin.

English, Greek, Latin, Italian, Atlantican and is beginning to learn D'nai

Several notebooks of varying sizes
Pens in multiple colors
Silver flask
digital camera


Isabella dreamed of airships and goggles the way most girls dreamed of ponies and tiaras. She drew designs for machines that Da Vinci himself
would have been proud of. Her parents were fairly supportive of their quirky daughter and did what they could to support her, supplying her with lessons in Latin and Greek, taking her to maker’s fairs, and learning how to explain what steampunk was to other parents who were not nearly as open minded or understanding.

Descended supposedly from the same family that produced Isabella of Castile, the woman who ruled both Castile and Leon and funded Christopher Columbus’ voyage, perhaps none should have been too surprised when Isabella went to college to study archeology and art history. She loved the idea of digging up items and relics from civilizations long past, to piece together what their life must have been like. Of course it was not a very glamorous course of study, being either hunched over a crater of dirt or hunched over a book in the library. Nor did being fluent in Latin and Greek, knowing all the major art movements of the Renaissance, or wearing goggles as an every day fashion statement make one popular. In fact, Isabella had to admit that she probably had more friends at Burning Man or Steamcon than she did on campus. She barely dated, her roommates teasing her she would rather marry a book than a man (and she secretly thought that perhaps it wasn’t the worst idea a person had ever had). In fact, Isabella was slowly trying to come to grips with the idea that archeologist did not mean ‘explorer’. Senior year of college was looming and it seemed like a summer cataloging other people’s finds had made the once bright eyed young woman jaded. She dreaded the thought of grad school and a future of cataloging tiny pieces of pots that were dug up from a site that someone else told her to dig on.

It was a trip to a barely used section of the library that changed everything. It was a section of out dated books on architecture that Isabella was looking through when she bent down and saw a tome shoved in the back of the stack. She pulled it out and opened the pages. The picture seemed to move and she touched the page, and it felt like she was falling. Like the proverbial Alice and the looking glass, Isabella found herself in a whole new land.

An unknown language, an unknown culture, and a new world surrounded the young archeologist from Earth. To her eyes it looked like the early Roman period of Britain, but the technology was off. There were no such things as wind mills or bronze buildings that told one the time of day by the shadow that fell in the courtyard. It dawned on Isabella she was in a new world, one that would need to be explored and understood. She just smiled, pulled down her
goggles and hoped the compass she carried led to adventure.

With the arrival of Te'mas into Atlantica, there is a possibility that Isabella can return home thanks to the D'nai's abilities. The question is - will she want to?

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