Maczarek Security


Maczarek Security has two standard uniforms that its armed employees wear when on duty. However, personnel may end up wearing other uniforms if the client wishes, usually incorporating the MS logo somewhere in there.

Formal day uniform

A brown jacket and trousers with black boots and a white shirt, complete with black tie for men and cravat for women. The neckwear (which is always clip-on) incorporates a badge with the crest of the Eagles of Warsaw.

Standard headgear is a garrison cap, worn by all ranks, including Colonel Maczarek herself. A belt is worn containing a holster for a pistol, although all firearms have to be left outside Corporate Headquarters for security reasons.

The right arm of the jacket is used to show the company insignia, with the left showing the Eagles' crest. All personnel wear shoulder boards designating their rank in the organisation. A black name badge is on the left breast.

This uniform is worn during office duties at Corporate headquarters and at formal occasions when on duty.


A brown uniform blouse and trousers with brown boots. A webbing vest is usually worn, along with body armour over the blouse when the situation requires it. Rank insignia is placed under a name tape on the left breast.

A helmet is worn in all situations where combat is considered a near certainty.


From lowest to highest:

  • Guard: Most new members start at this.
  • Corporal: For those with more than two years' service unless promoted earlier.
  • Sergeant: Leader of a squad.
  • Lieutenant: Genrally commands five squads; standard position for senior members recruited from outside.
  • Captain: Runs a company, commands four or five Lieutenants. Also the position held by COs of the ships in the fleet.
  • Major: Only six of these; who head departments (Operations Standard, Operations Special, Intelligence, Personnel and Training, Resources and Publicity, Fleet/Transport). Daniel Cowley is Major, Intelligence.
  • Lieutenant Colonel: Deputy commander of the Eagles of Warsaw, currently held by Vladek Hansen.
  • Colonel: Commander of the Eagles, currently by Anna Maczarek.