Merc Monthly And Private Security Review

Merc Monthly and Private Security Review, both published by Warren Press of Londinium, are the two best known trade journals of the private security industry in the 'Verse. They have a fierce rivalry, frequently reflected in their stories.

Merc Monthly

Merc Monthly (MM) is a glossy magazine that aims firmly at the enlisted men or woman. If you're looking for sophisticated discussions of the history of private military contractors, look elsewhere. MM is guns and girls all the way.

A typical issue of MM includes reviews of new firearms and other equipment, dramatic helmey-camera shots from operations and a good degree of gossip, along with satire, on the personalities of the business - it was first to break Anna Maczarek's pregnancy before her own firm knew (with the infamous headline " Mrs Newbie will be going on maternity leave"). Page Nine is the Gun Bunny page, where a female mercenary poses in their underwear, usually with a firearm.

One of the best bits of the mag is probably Dogs of War, a long-running comic strip depicting senior mercs as if they were dogs. For example, Kurt Wallenstein is an incontinent sheepdog, while Anna Maczarek is a yappy little Shih Tzu.

Private Security Review

A more serious magazine, designed for the officer class, this is the place to go for more serious discussion, insight on the practices on the business and speculation on future developments.