Merisee Sulmare
Name: Merisee Sulmare
Title: Royal Imperial Ambassador
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Diplomat
Force Sensitive?: No
Talents: Diplomacy, negotiation, basic mechanical repair skills, better than average pilot.
Languages: Basic, Gungan, Bocce, a bit of Huttese, and some High Galactic.
Personality: Compared to the self-sacrificing and almost saintly Padme Amidala who more people in the Glaxy are familiar with, Merisee might seem like she took more after her Corellian mother. Merisee is by nature an explorer and a thrill seeker. She went into politics originally in hopes of working in the galactic senate and being able to see the Galaxy. Raised by an artisan father and a courtesan mother, Merisee has the ability to blend in into either the working class crowd or to have the manners to navigate a noble court. She’s usually described as outgoing and vivacious, two traits which sometimes are seen as not being serious enough for the other Naboo politicians.

Merisee is devoted to the idea of freedom that democracy holds, that each person has a right to the pursuit of happiness and the idea of planet self-government. The idea of an Emperor that rules over all the worlds of the Republic strikes her as violating the whole reason for having a Republic with representation.

She is considered brave to almost a fault, taking on the crime syndicates that had tried to move in to Keren while she was Princess of Keren. Right now she is boldly stepping into the uncertain political arena of the Empire in order to ensure that Naboo can keep it’s own security force and maintain what self-governing it can. She also is guardian to one of Queen Apailana’s secrets, the presence of Jedi hidden on Naboo.

Physical Description: With her fair skin, bright blue eyes, and a rounded soft figure, Merisee sometimes looks far too innocent to be in politics. At 5’7” she’s taller than many women on Naboo and in the heeled boots she often wears, is even taller.
Distinguishing marks: She has a tattoo she got on a dare, a circle of three crows. She rarely shows it off, since it's on her lower back.
Weapons: Merisee was trained in blaster pistols. She’s decent, but she’s not going to be winning any prize shooting competitions anytime soon.
Ships: She sadly had to leave her Air-2 racing swoop with her brother when she went to Coruscant the last time. She tells him he better polish it regularly.
Other Possessions: Data Pad, Sporting blaster pistol, senatorial wardrobe, commlink (encrypted), tool kit , Communications Droid (with an encrypted commlink to Queen Apailana)

960 AAR (39 BBY) – Theed, Naboo
Daedalos was an engineer and a prominent member of the Artisan Class. A self proclaimed bachelor who had numerous times professed to love his inventions and ships more than women, it was a shock to the proper community of Theed when the man returned from a trip to Corellia with a bride. Pasiphae was a courtesan from Corellia, a skilled entertainer and the daughter of a ship builder. Her own knowledge of engineering was extensive and Daedalos had been enraptured. Pasiphae was smitten with the brilliant man, and she chose to break the customers of her people and marry the off-worlder. For the nobles who had been patrons of Daedalos, it was scandalous that the great inventor would marry a woman who was little better than a prostitute in the eyes of the proper Theed community. For her part Pasiphae considered many of the Naboo people to be naive and rustic, even in their great city of Theed. In order that there be no sort of potentially embaressing confrontation between his proud wife and the people who employed him, Daedalos moved the family to Keren which was to be a boon for the city as Keren was to be the home of Kwilaan Starport. Daedalos would befriend Senator Palpatine and become an important figure in King Veruna’s plans to increase Naboo’s military technology and the expansion of the Star Fighter Corps in the coming years.

964 – 974 AAR (35 BBY – 25 BBY) – birth to age ten, Keren, Naboo
Merisee Sulmare was the second child in two years to be born to Daedalos Sulmare, the great Naboo Engineer and inventor and his wife, Pasiphae. Pasiphae was thrilled to have a little girl to dress up, to teach dancing and singing to, and to balance the fact her son was already tinkering with simple machines by the time he was a toddler. Merisee would sit enraptured listening to the stories of the complex social structure of Corellia. Calos was his father’s son, always tinkering with droids and machines, something that could only occupy the inquisitive young girl for so long although she had a fondness and a natural aptitude for flying. While Daedalos hoped his daughter might decide to train for the Star Fighter Corps, Merisee had other plans. She wanted to see the galaxy and had decided at age nine that if she ever wanted to go see any of the places her mother talked about she would need to go into politics and diplomacy. Merisee entered the Apprentice Legislature at the age of nine. Her parents rising affluence and with her own naturally vivacious and outgoing nature, Merisee was able to travel to many meeting of the Apprentice Legislature throughout the Mid Rim.

978-980 ARR (22 BBY – 20 BBY) - Political Career in Keren
Merisee believed it was Naboo’s insular nature and lack of knowledge about other cultures which had led to the Invasion by the Separatist forces. Merisee was considered a bit of a political maverick, interested in expanding Naboo’s role in interstellar trade and in developing the native manufacturing capabilities so that they would not have to rely on outside worlds for the production of ships, droids, and other mechanical devices. For the working class district of Keren the daughter of a famous engineer who was familiar with trade and commerce was the perfect choice for the Princess. At the age of fourteen she ran for and was elected Princess of Theed, based on her plans to increase employment.
During her tenure as Princess she often as at odds with Hesh Verbon who was the Port Master appointed by Senator Palpatine. Merisee felt that the Port Master had too much control over the spaceport of Kwilee and did nothing to elevate the problems of an abnormally high crime rate, a growing impoverished refugee population, or to counteract the problem that the Starport at Theed had taken away business that should have gone through Kwilee. While the Clone Wars was raging on in the Galaxy, Merisee was trying to fight the organized crime that had spring up on Naboo and ease tensions between Refugees and the native Keren population. Merisee took on the criminals and promised tougher justice. She fired the current RSS (Royal Security Service) chief and started neighborhood watch programs. The construction of a planetary shield system was a joint effort by the Gungans and the various cities of Naboo and Merisee helped push to have the manufacturer for the shield generators be done in Keren.
Meanwhile Queen Jamillia was seemingly having Separatist leanings, a fact which alarmed many Naboo politicians. Merisee met with like minded politicians, both those who served as city princes and princesses and those who served on the Republic Senate who favored Naboo staying with the Republic even if they did not all agree with the war. Merisee met with the then Princess of Theed Apailana. Like the Senator Amidala, Merisee immediately saw the incredible leadership capabilities that the young Princess of Theed had. Senator Amidala encouraged the Princesses to become friends and to help each other during the difficult time.
When Apailana was elected as Queen ishe invited Merisee to come and serve as an advisor. It was during this time that Merisee met some of the Jedi who the leadership of Naboo had become friends with and relied on for advice. Ever since the Invasion of Naboo, the Jedi and the royal government had a close relationship. She found the Jedi to be educated, open minded, and adventurous – the sort of people that Merisee would love to be friends with.

The Present – 980 AAR (19 BBY)
When Chancellor Palpatine became Emperor, Merisee and Apailana locked themselves away in the palace and drank Corellian rum. The Jedi who had come to help Naboo on numerous occasions were now being hunted. The former Naboo Senator was now proclaiming himself supreme ruler even though the war had ended. Things seemed dark indeed and for the night Merisee and Apailana could only drown their sorrows in alcohol.
The next day, after taking something for the headache, the two women sprang to action. Sadly, the first news was the death of Padme Amidala, the legendary senator and former Queen. While Queen Apailana was given the official explanation that Padme had been attacked by Jedi, the Queen of course felt this was far too convenient and was more than likely a lie of the Emperor. Quietly the Queen’s cabinet was informed that any Jedi who was on Naboo was not to be turned over to the Imperial forces. Merisee was to begin diplomatic relations immediately, to show that the Naboo was entirely loyal to the Empire. Of course, Merisee has been given the run around with diplomatic offices and she doesn’t mind. Her position is to watch, to learn, and to keep repeating the words of loyalty while Naboo does not change the buildings or official documents from referring to the Republic.
When the West Star was brought into Orbit, it was Merisee who was called back from an all too brief stint on Coruscant to serve as diplomatic liaison.

1. Queen Apailana – the two are good friends and Merisee is loyal to the Queen on both a political and a personal level.
2. Pasiphae Sulmare – Merisee’s mother and socialite. The two are quite close and Merisee can still turn to her for advice when needed.
3. The inner circle of the court of Naboo. The Queen’s advisory council all knows about the desire to support any fleeing Jedi. This secret means the council is willing to fiercely protect each other.

1. Calos – her brother is a mechanic and a highly skilled one. He loves his little sister dearly, but he is not quite as courageous as his sister.
2. Ferlis Orlin – she doesn’t know he is a Jedi, simply that he is another adviser to Queen Apailana.
3. Maintains contacts in Keren among the business sectors.

1. Hesh Verbon – the closet thing to a criminal master mind that Naboo has. Port Master for the Spaceport at Keren
2. The Empire
3. Daedalos - her father remains very loyal to the former Senator Palpatine and considers the idea of the Empire to be fantastic, a stabilizing force in a chaotic galaxy. It pains Merisee to hear her father talk like this.

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