Sim Creator: Mischa Brendel
Game Master: Jason Andersen
Commanding Officer: Mischa Brendel
Executive Officer: Misty Wilson Taylor


The Odyssey: an undermanned ship with a crew in constant need of credits and supplies. Under these circumstances there is little room for morals and ethics. If there is a job that pays, the Odyssey crew will probably take it, whether it involves killing, protecting, smuggling or kidnapping. It's a tough Verse out there and someone needs to do the dirty work.

The Characters

August Solitaire

Captain of the Odyssey; a former Alliance covert operative.

Ayla Seton

Executive officer; ran away from home as a result of abuse by her stepfather. She learned how to handle herself in a fight and eventually met up with the crew of the Odyssey.

Ronon Dex

Fighter, mechanic; this former Browncoat is now hunted by a rogue Alliance officer who implanted him with a tracking device in order to hunt him.

Ashe Tallis

Field medic; a weatherworn Core-bred woman sullied by years of space travel both physically and emotionally. Wanted by the Alliance.

Naraea Serrin

Fighter, pilot; former Companion.

Cameron ‘X’ Davies

Chief engineer; a former Browncoat.

Shadai Liu-Gao

Historian, assassin, murderer; orphaned at a very young age Shadai learned a lot of her present skills from her foster parents and most other things from her Operative training, before she decided to leave the Alliance.

Key NPCs


The akita of former pilot Olaf Simmerson stayed with the crew after her master’s departure and is an invaluable member of the crew. The large dog is very loyal to her pack which she will protect at all costs and often the crew have relied on her instincts, which has saved their lives more than once.

Jane V. Johnson

The VP of the Bounties & Collection Services Dvision at Singer Corp., Jane is cold, calculating, and beautiful. Her ambition has taken her far, and she won't let anything stand in the way of her goals. She takes the easiest path she can to get what she wants, but isn't above using force to get her way. Her favorite tactic is pursuit with three vessels - two scouts and a larger capital ship. The scouts are specifically modified to shut down to avoid an EMP pulse, which the capital ship delivers via a missile to cripple the targeted ship.

Basic plot (so far)

After a silence of several months, a former space yacht is sighted on Deadwood. The small number of people who know the vessel will notice its new name: Odyssey. The ship is preparing for departure and after two unexpected additions to the crew, the Odyssey sets out into the Black with four people and a dog aboard on their way to a job that they will never reach.
On their way, the Odyssey crew picks up a derelict shuttle with two people aboard who, after their shuttle explodes when they’ve been brought aboard the Odyssey, decide to stay and become part of the crew.
Before they Odyssey can presume its course however, they are overcome by a group of bounty hunters lead by Jane V. Johnson who manage to shut down the power of the Odyssey. The bounty hunters board the ship and take Ayla, but August convinces them to take him as well. The rest of the crew manage to get the Odyssey running again and follow the bounty hunters to the town onf Prospect Hill on Haven. They manage to free Ayla and their captain, but not without the two getting wounded and the loss of their pilot and XO Olaf Simmerson, who manages to lure several bounty hunter ships away from the rest; that is the last that is seen from him. The others head for town to hide from both the bounty hunters and the Alliance, who have detected a tracking device. They encounter the town doctor Ashe Tallis, as well as Shadai Liu-Gao, who appears to be shopping. When the doctor learns that the Alliance are in town she wants to escape with the Odyssey crew. Shadai in turn offers her help to the refugees and lends her shuttle to lead them to their hidden ship.

Behind the scenes

Jason Andersen took over as GM in Feb 2011.

Misty Wilson Taylor took over as XO in June 2011.

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