Pawn Stash

Hit TV show, produced by Granada Greenleaf, but syndicated Verse-wide. Each episode is 42 minutes long once you take out the ad breaks.

The show revolves around Alex Morris, owner of Morris' Pawn and Consignment at Greenleaf Skyplex, a store that consists of a large second-hand consignment area and a distinctive pawnbrokers at the back of the shop. Along with her cantankerous mother, 'The Old Lady' and her nice-but-dim niece Kaylee Lang, the three go to storage auctions and appraise some of the interesting pieces that come into their shop.

The highest valued item they've ever encountered was a Colt 1911 from Earth-that-was; the buyer went as low as 60,000 platinum, but the store wouldn't pay any more than 40 grand.

Following the death of Alex in the bombing of Phantasm, the show's future is in doubt.