Quotes Page

A page for the best IC and OOC quotes from our forum, as well as other good expressions.


  • OOC: He may have missed the safeguarding training session that said don't hang out alone with under age girls and offer to treat them to lunch in a pub… Two words come to mind: "predatory" and "grooming". :-p - Ash Leighton Plom, after a judge offers to buy a 14 year old girl lunch.

Greenleaf Skyplex

  • Yeah, I know you're a journalist. I just have this image of all Dutch people going about in fetish wear 7 days a week. :-p Your country has a bit of a reputation, after all. :-) - Ash Leighton Plom, in the OOC thread, commenting about Mischa Brendel's character.
  • If Joss could kill Wash, then I can kill a minor PC. - Silent Hunter, on killing Alex Morris with no warning.

The Elemental

  • When Ling finds out the miss was on purpose, he's going to flip. "What are you, Steele, a closet animal rights' activist?? 'This weapon not tested on animals'?" :-p - Ash Leighton Plom, in the OOC thread.


  • Peter shrugged, assuming Carolyn simply didn't know what the Everready things were. "No matter. Medbay is ready, nobody dies," he smiled. "Except them," he added, pointing at the falling apart Scorpio. - Peter

Fighter Ops

  • "If you call yourself a pilot… good enough to fly those Scorpions out there… you have to realize what you are carrying under your wings. Our combined firepower can level a small city or sink a fleet. In one sortie. You realize that? That responsibility we've agreed to take on for the sake of our countries? This isn't ego, friend. This is knowing what I must do. What I have to be to survive." - Naomi Baines
  • Ansgar's face twisted into a puzzled expression, "you read all that Vat? They're starting to add plot hooks into mission briefings." - Ansgar Fuchs

A Kingdom for a Stage

  • ""Excuse me?" said William leaning over to speak to the bloody corpse. "Perhaps you can tell us about the road ahead? - William Wood

Other Expressions

  • When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand. - Raymond Chandler
  • There are no problems which cannot be solved by judicious use of high explosives. - British Commando saying