Red Hare

The Red Hare is an armored skiff capable of flight in higher atmosphere although it is not built for it. In higher atmosphere its wings need to be extended, which won’t allow its ramjets to work, which are needed for higher speeds. Also, it uses much more fuel in high atmosphere. The armored skiff is particularly built to work near the surface. It stays off the ground due to a constant air flow below the vehicle caused by ventral vents. An extendable landing gear allows the vehicle to land.

Near the surface the skiff is capable of speeds up to nearly 600 MPH due to its ramjets. However, it first needs to build up enough speed using its turbine engines. The turbines are used up to a speed of roughly 350 MPH. After that, the ramjets can take over.

As fuel the skiff uses both H2 and electricity. Apart from the on-board systems, the turbine engines also use electricity. The ramjets do not use electricity. Both turbines and ramjets use H2.

Although this type of armored skiff is one of the few with ramjets, flying with the ramjets severely limits its capabilities. Much of its agility is lost at high speeds. A shame really, since agility is one of this skiff’s other strong points. Also guns cannot be fired, nor can the wings be extended at ramjet speed: the vehicle must be as streamlined as possible. The targeting sensors, normally used to help the gunner target the guns, are used as flying sensors at these velocities: they warn for objects before the skiff comes too close to them.

At turbine speed the armored skiff is one of the most agile skiffs of its class. This is especially handy when being chased, or when chasing someone yourself.

There are three custom features on this skiff: the dual Grizzley heavy machine guns (instead of the standard guns), which have targeting sensors to aid the gunner in targeting. Secondly, the custom vertical stabilizer. This means that the skiff can be better handled in higher atmosphere and that the skiff can make ‘jumps’ on the surface, meaning that it is better suited to rougher terrains. Finally, the skiff can be used as a mini-bomber. Under the skiff there is a small compartment (under the passenger seats) where a few small bombs can be stored. When in higher atmosphere, the skiff can drop these. Note however, that these bombs are so small that they are only low-yield.

The main feature of the armored skiff however, is to transport troops deeper into hostile territory. There are six passenger seats which can be reached through the back ramp, each with a small locker adjacent, to store items such as weapons. The cockpit counts three seats. The pilot's chair is in the front with the vehicle commander's and the co-pilot's/gunner's seat next to one another behind the pilot's chair. Both the vehicle commander and the co-pilot/gunner can only get to their chair through the back ramp; the pilot enters his seat through the cockpit panel.