Republic Of Nantary

The Republic of Nantary (French: Republique de Nantarie) is a single-system polity located in the Betelguse sector.


Nantary is 54 light years galactic south from the former site of Betelguse, which went supernova in 2845 and is now an expanding nebula. Located one jump from Galactic Highway 4, it is considered the kind of place for an interesting detour, but not for an extended visit.

It's nearest neighbours are the Kingdom of Ylling (4 ly) and the Terran Union systems of Cormorant and New Genoa, only the last being on GH4.




Nantary is a democratic state, organised as a semi-presidential republic. Therefore it has two pillars of power, the President and the Cabinet.

The President of the Republic (President de la Republique) is elected every five years in a national vote, with a run-off if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote in the first round. He or she is primarily responsible for defence and national security, as well as the limited amount of foreign policy that the Republic engages in. The current President of the Republic is Andre Reno, the former Vice President who replaced Maximillan Carrow after Carrow was forced to resign in a bribery scandal.

The National Assembly is elected every four years in a series of regional elections using proportional representation, with a total of 450 members, roughly one for every 2 million Nantarians. The leader of the largest party at each election is invited by the President to form a government (holding the position of Chief Minister Designate) and generally has to form a moderately-broad-based coalition to command a majority, if they can do this, they become Prime Minister and appoint a Cabinet, who deal with day-to-day domestic policy. The President can only fire a Prime Minister if they can demonstrate severe incompetence on their part to the satisfaction of the Assembly - this has never happened. If the PM cannot command the support of a majority, then the President has to find someone who can - the record for a delay in creating a government is 287 days in 2945. The current Prime Minister is Julia D'Artagnan of the Liberal Party, head of a Liberal-Conservative-Free Democrat coalition of 314 Assembly Members.

Culture and People

Nantary's people are of primarily French-speaking descent and the most common language used in the Republic is French, although English is used for business purposes, with government documents being in both languages.

Nantary's media covers both public and private organisations, including the state broadcaster Republique Television and the private media firm Liberty Press.


Foreign Relations