Ryan Bow


Ryan Bow (25) was born on Santo on November 27th, 2494. His parents are Josh and Karin Bow, both farmers and he has one older sister named Kimberly. His youth was nothing extraordinary; he soon realized that he'd rather tinker with engines, cars and ships than help out his parents on their farm. After his sister had left Santo to take up a job on a ship, Ryan decided to do the same as soon as he was old enough, which was at age sixteen.
His first job was that of mechanical assistant aboard the 'Boriz'. He learned a great deal about proper engine work, rather than the school stuff in the two years on that ship. But he realized that he would not make it past mechanical assistant on the ship, both in name and in pay, so he decided to look for work elsewhere.

He found it on the 'Shining Glory', a vessel that was basically a flying repair shop for all sorts of vehicles, as long as they fit into the ship's cargo bay, which had been refitted as a garage. He worked on the ship as one of several vehicle mechanics to repair whatever was wrong with the vehicles that customers brought in. Here, he also learned how to drive and fly many of these vehicles and realized he had a passion for speed. Among the other vehicle mechanics were Brint Dao-Tsun, who became Ryan's best friend and Nadia Forlay, a woman with whom Ryan started a relation. He would possibly still have worked on the ship, were it not for several unhappy events, the most important being captain Dong Fue losing the ship in a bet, resulting in the entire crew losing their jobs.

After being stranded on Greenleaf for two months, Ryan found a job as chief mechanic on the Spitfire in 2519. He only held that position for little over a month; he did not agree with the smuggling habits of the crew. The disagreement resulted in the crew leaving Ryan behind on St. Michael. With nothing left but the clothes on his body, Ryan headed into town.

Luckily for the former chief engineer a man called Jimm Duncan noticed him and offered him a job on a vessel: the Atlantis. From there the story is known by many of his current crew members: Ryan started as an assistant engineer and eventually managed his way up to chief engineer, the position he now holds.

Family, friends and enemies

The following is a list containing Ryan's most important family members, friends and enemies.

Family and friends

  • Josh Bow (58), Ryan's father. A farmer on Santo, who greatly cares for his son. He was disappointed when he learned that Ryan did not plan on taking over the farm.
  • Karin Bow (55), Ryan's mother. She runs the farm together with her husband. Ryan has always been closer to his father then his mother, although he cares about his mother greatly as well and she for him.
  • Kimberly Bow (29), Ryan's sister. Kimberly left Santo when she was seventeen as a crew member on a freelance spacecraft. Ryan got along with his sister very well and her departure was a great shock to him. It also made him decide to leave Santo as well, as soon as he was old enough.
  • Rija Freimann (55), Ryan's aunt and wife to Doug Freimann. She is the owner of a grocery store on Santo.
  • Doug Freimann (61), Ryan's uncle and Karin's brother. He runs the grocery store together with his wife Rija Freimann.
  • Chloe Freimann (49), Ryan's aunt and Karin's sister. She is a goat keeper who gets along with Ryan well enough, but is not on speaking terms with his parents.
  • Brint Dao-Tsun (27), former colleague and close friend to Ryan. He and Ryan met on the 'Shining Glory' where both of them worked as vehicle mechanics. Although the two promised to stay in touch when their ways parted, neither has heard much from the other since.
  • Nadia Forlay (25), former colleague and girlfriend of Ryan. She also met Ryan on the 'Shining Glory', although Ryan was already working there when Nadia got hired. The two got into a relationship, which ended when during a shoot-out on the ship it was revealed that Nadia was a former Companion. While Nadia and Brint got hired on a large trading vessel, Ryan chose a position on another ship. Even though Ryan is still mad at Nadia for not telling him the truth about her past, he promised to stay in touch with her, together with Brint. But as with Brint, he hasn't heard from her since they parted ways.


  • The entire crew of the 'Spitfire', the ship Ryan served on before he joined the Atlantis crew. The 'Spitfire' crew consisted of a captain, an XO, a pilot and three mercenaries when Ryan left them. Ryan and the 'Spitfire' crew aren't exactly nemeses, but they never got along during Ryan's stay on the ship, which led to the rest of the crew leaving him behind on St. Michael, taking his belongings with them.
  • Stanly Boothe, CAO of Salvage and Reclamation Admin on Boros. Ryan had to deal with the man a lot while working on the 'Shining Glory'. The man is a ruthless taskmaster, although he helped the crew get some good deals on which he made a lot of money himself. Although Ryan doesn't consider the man a direct enemy, he is a distrustful person who will sell anybody out for the right amount of money.
  • Jack Marsh, the man who won the 'Shining Glory' in a bet from its former owner captain Dong Fue. Instigated the shooting on the ship, in which one of his own men got killed. A petty but ruthless businessman. Ryan still suspects him of cheating Dong Fue in losing the ship.

Background stories

There are several background stories of Ryan Bow, telling about his life before he became a crew member of the Atlantis. Below you can find these stories from different periods in his life, sorted in chronological order.