Saunders Inc Corporate Espionage


Sim Creator: Silent Hunter


Saunders Inc. and Red Herring Research
Founded in 1909 by James "Jimmy" Saunders, an immigrant fresh off the boat from Ireland, Saunders has grown from a single market stall in Brooklyn to one of the largest retail companies in the world, with a 2014 revenue of nearly $420 billion. It has over 7,700 stores in 29 countries, ranging in size from large hypermarkets in France, its Valco supermarket chain in the United Kingdom and small concession stores in a number of Asian countries. The US chain is one of the most influential in the country and its lobbying force in Washington DC is noticeable. While it is not a megacorporation, a status achieved by very few corporate bodies (most notably the East India Company), it can at least hang out with them.

Now with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, Saunders has the economic power of a medium-ranked country - and the intelligence service to go with it. Red Herring Research (RHR) is Saunders' corporate espionage and 'dirty tricks' organisation, ranging from mystery shoppers at the 'open' end of the scale to assassinations of troublesome trade unionists at the 'closed' one. Benefiting from nearly a billion dollars of off the books funding, it has recently started to hire itself out to governments without the capacity for standing covert operations forces.

The Characters

Sara Kimura - Expert Driver & Pilot
Wendell Wayne 'Tommy' Waquespack - Communications and Intel
Chase Danger - Field Agent

Key NPCs

Dominique Donovan-Cooper, Chief Special Operations Officer, Saunders Inc.
William Cooper Jr. - Chief Financial Officer
Victor Thompson - Assassinated in Tallinn, Estonia
Max Schroeder - The man with the goods.

Basic plot (so far)

Schroeder's on the run with a USB drive worth millions…unfortunately, he's running for his life somewhere near the German/Czech border.

Behind the scenes

A man's been murdered in Tallinn, Estonia, openly and in the streets. Why? No one knows.