Sgb Hq


Sim Creator/Game Master: Anna-Lyn Signey


The base's underground component was modeled on Cheyenne. Obviously, it's not an old missile silo and not built under a mountain but under a sort of a small flat hill. The base has some Tok'ra tunnels and the surface has a parade field surrounded by barracks and facilities for the teams that go through the Stargate. The Stargate was above ground when an SG off-world team discovered the place. But once the engineers completed the digging, it was moved down to the blast room for security reasons. The whole campus up topside is surrounded by a tall security fence, though, topped with barbed wire. Adjacent to the base is an abandoned Goa'uld mining town in which field teams has converted to a small self-sufficient research settlement. Most of the research involved archeology, minerology, geology, and off-world recon and training facility. Currently, Beta Site has just received and influx of new personnel. Included in this is the base's new CO.

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