Sophie is a mule manufactured by the Greydon Company, a daughter company of Blue Sun. The type has been around for a long time, although there are several versions of it. Its original designation is MHL-02, which stands for Middle-Heavy Loader, model 2. The latest model is model 5, which has only been around for a very short time. The differences between the versions are minor.

The MHL is popular among the outer planets, because it is able to cover relatively large distances and has a strong engine. Although maintenance on the apparatus isn’t particularly low, it is easy. Parts are easy to come by and the engine is plain and simple.
The MHL-02 is a so called ‘traditional’ mule, whereas from version 3 and newer, the type became a hover-mule. It uses a combustion engine which runs on hydrogen.

The MHL is also loved for its diversity; it can carry a few passengers, although not too many (3 to be exact) and can carry a fair amount of cargo. Some prefer the MHL for the latter job and therefore remove the two back seats to give room to more cargo. The MHL has a very powerful engine for its size, which means that it can carry pretty heavy cargos. This however, goes at the expense of its speed: the MHL-03 isn’t a race vehicle. The maximum speed of the vehicle is approximately 80 miles per hour. And when going at this speed, fuel usage is significantly higher.

Sophie has custom painting; normally these types of mules come in the colors yellow and gray. Also, a radio system has been implemented, allowing radio contact over large distances. It isn’t clear how old Sophie is exactly. Although the MHL-02 isn’t the newest model, production of this model has only ceased a few years ago. However, by her appearance Sophie has seen quite some action.