Stargate Terminology

A listing of common terms used in Stargate and in the military.

  • 304: Designation for the Daedalus-class deep space carrier
  • F-302: Tau'ri space-based fighter
  • DHD: Dial Home Device. A large pedestal with 38 glyph buttons and a central red activation button (there are 39 glyphs on the Stargate, but one symbol is missing from any given DHD limiting the addresses you can dial to certain parts of the galaxy) used to dial a Stargate. While much easier to use and faster than the Earth Stargate Computer, it doesn't have an inbuilt telephone directory.
  • Pegasus Galaxy: The setting of Stargate Atlantis.
  • SGC: Stargate Command
  • Staff weapon: Common term for the Ma'Tok staff, this is a two-metre long energy weapon that fires a plasma blast that will kill a human if it hits a vital area, as SG-1 have personally experienced. However, the size of the thing makes it unwieldy and it serves better as a intimidation weapon.
  • Tau'ri: Humans from Earth, as opposed to those who live on the other human inhabited worlds. Means "the first ones" in Goa'uld.
  • X-303: Designation for Prometheus.
  • Wraith: A vampiric race of humanoids from the Pegasus Galaxy, who live on the life force extracted from other humanoids. Why they can't nom some cattle has never been explained.