The Drake Club [Inactive]

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Sim Creator/Game Master: Silent Hunter


It's 1909. A time of Kings and Kaisers. In Mayfair, the richest square on the vibrant board that is London, you can find the Drake Club. A retreat for the rich upper-class as they drink port, play bridge and moan about Marxists. However, the calm and quiet of the club is threatened as it discovers a sinister spy ring… Don your top hat and tails; we've got some sleuthing to do.

The Characters

Key NPCs

Jelena Vesselin (Stana Katic)

A Serbian diplomat (she works as a secretary at the embassy), Jelena is accused of the murder of a German industrialist.

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes

Created by popular demand after the Schism; Silent Hunter was not planning to create this when he joined Phoenix.

The Drake Club is located in Down Street, Mayfair, a real London street. The Down Street station next to it is real - located between what is now Hyde Park Corner and Green Park on the Piccadilly line of London Underground, it closed in 1932 due to lack of use and was later used as an underground headquarters for the Railway Executive Committee during the Second World War. Winston Churchill also used it as an alternative office and sleeping location. The station is still maintained by Transport for London (it provides an emergency escape route) and you can arrange a tour down there.