The Dreamcatchers


Current Sim Leader / GM: ksabers


Many persons disappear every year without a trace, all over the world. They simply seem to vanish in plain air, with no reasons, leaving no clues behind them.
Where are they gone?
They say that the dreams are windows on another world.
Very poetic, but it is actually true. There is indeed another world, another dimension, and when dreaming our mind is sometimes able to break the walls between the two worlds.
It happens rarely. VERY rarely. Maybe a dream in a hundred billions… But there are seven billions of human beings on this planet, and they all sleep and dream, every night. Every few days, somewhere in the world, someone breaks that wall, and jumps to the other side.
Almost no one returns, because the world of dreams is full of hungry nightmares.
Breaking the dream barrier is extremely rare… returning from the dream world is even rarer. Yet someone returns, changed forever by the experience. They remember clearly that experience, the terror, the encounter with the monster which tried to kill them. But they were able to fight back and to survive. Now they can "feel" when the barrier breaks, and another human is pulled away from our world. And they are able to help.
They are the Dreamcatchers, and these are their stories.

The Characters

Nico Steenhuizen (played by Mischa Brendel)
Dryad (Dry) Evershine (played by Dainul)
Elijah Douglas (played by Jason Andersen)
Marco Averson (played by SoapyMac)
Seren Yates (played by BlueTressym)
Valerie Carver (played by Firesky)

Key NPCs

Charlotte Damsay
Maaike Jansen
The Sparkle

Behind the SIM

The Dreamcatchers is inspired by a novel currently being written by ksabers. The basic premise is the same, and the main characters of the novel can appear in this sim as NPC.

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