The Elemental


Sim Creator/Game Master: Amanda Bond, Ash Leighton Plom


The Elemental is an extensively customised Scorpio-class salvage vessel, refitted to include an infirmary and doctor's quarters in what was once the upper aft cargo hold near the shuttle, and a barracks and small gym facility for a fireteam in what was once the lower aft cargo bay. The Captain's vision for his ship is a travelling 'security firm', essentially vigilantes for hire.

Prior to the current crew, pirates held the Elemental and in a story of betrayal and murder they ended up dying and the ship drifting like a ghost ship around a dusty world. Wen Li Malley the ship's doctor thought that the former salvage vessel might be haunted, a belief reinforced by some ghost programs in the ship's computer which caused holographic projections to appear on board at random intervals like an actual apparition. Considering though that the Engineer went mad, their original security chief left, and the general high turn over of the crew that leaves [[[Colton Ling]] and Wen Li Malley as the only crew members left who remember the discovery of the ship, perhaps there is something to the whole cursed legends regarding the ship.

The Characters

Colton Ling - the Captain of the ship
Wen Li Malley - the Ship's XO and Doctor

Key NPCs

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes

In 2013, The Elemental won Best Firefly Sim at the Tournament of Simulations.

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