The Triple First


Sim Creator/Game Master: Jason Andersen, Silent Hunter


Do you want to see the universe? Travel in space and time? Then Romana’s ready and waiting for you! Based in the universe of the long-running BBC TV series Doctor Who and featuring one of its most beloved characters in new totally radical form, the adventure never stops!

The Characters

Romana VI (Reiko Aylesworth)

The newly regenerated Romana is a Valley Girl in a nearly-middle aged woman's body. Looking for a party, but still keen to fight injustice, she is a bit of a flirt. It's unclear what would happen if she ever met River Song.

Key NPCs

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes

Romanadvoratrelundar was a companion in the classic era of Doctor Who, making her first appearance in Season 16's "The Ribos Operation". This "ice maiden" Time Lady, played by Mary Tamm (best known previously for her role in the film adaptation of The ODESSA File) was a new companion allocated to the Doctor by the highly powerful White Guardian in the quest to locate the six segments of the Key to Time, a device that would give its possessor essential dominance of the universe and which needed to be reassembled to restore "balance" to the universe. The quest for these segments ran across the six stories of Season 16.

Following the end of that season and Mary Tamm's decision to leave, Romana regenerated (by her own decision and pretty much off-screen due to Tamm being pregnant when the opening bit was filmed) into a newer blonder version, played by Lalla Ward. Lalla had an off-screen relationship with Tom Baker during her time on the show that culminated in a brief marriage - the keen-eyed viewer can spot the scenes where they've clearly had a row beforehand.

She is Silent Hunter's favourite Doctor Who companion and after having left AJJE, where he'd created Into Time! And Space! (which is still running), he felt that she would be the appropriate choice for a new sim. The decision to create a new incarnation was to get around restrictions on the use of canon characters (he would argue that the two TV incarnations of Romana are separate characters.)

The title, which is also the name of Romana's TARDIS, is derived from her grade at the Academy on Gallifrey (cf: "The Ribos Operation", in which it is established that the Doctor got 51% on his second attempt…)