The West Star


Sim Creator/Game Master: Ash Leighton Plom, Nick Buchanan


Captain Bill Comnenus broods aboard the West Star, orbitting the peaceful planet of Naboo as a disincentive to rebellion. A career military man, Bill nevertheless is uncomfortable with the political situation in the nascent Empire and has been doing some serious thinking…

The Characters

Merisee Sulmare - Ambassador from Naboo. A sixteen year old woman, her youthful face not betraying her experience as Princess of Keren and a diplomat for Her Majesty Queen Apailana.

Key NPCs

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes

[b]Random Facts[/b]

Merisee's name came from a planet in the Elrood Section called [|] . The last name of Sulmare is based off of Italian for "From the Sea".