The Witcher


Sim Creator/Game Master: RLongtin


This Sim is set some time before the siege of Kaer Morhen and before the First Nilfgaard-Nordling War; a time when rumors about the extinction of Elves had come to a stop as there was nobody alive who could say their great great grandparents had seen one. The story: intelligence has made its way to the King of Brugge of sitings of Elves. Knowing of the deep hatred Elves have for Humans, a preemptive countermeasure was put into place: a group of mercenaries of various specialties, including Witchers and Mages. Sent with the intent of finding Elves, the mission they are given is to clear the nearby lands of monsters so that the borders of Brugge can expand and so that the people will be safe beyond the walls of the city…

The Characters

Key NPCs

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes