USS Athena

USS Athena is a Star Trek sim at Phoenix Roleplaying, set in the TOS era.


Sim Leader: Misty Wilson
Game Master: Zuzutoo



Commanding Officer: Captain Rhett Vandermeer played by Zuzutoo
Executive Officer: (held for Jason)
Medical Officer Doctor Calla Lilly Shade played by Imzadi
Security Officer: Lt. Commander Carmen Vasquez played by Elrood
Science Officer: Lt Commander Marvin Sutton played by Brandon L.
Chief Engineer: Lt Commander Marcus Dean played by James M.
Communications Officer: Lt. Sierra Winters played by Misty Wilson
Helmsman: Navigation Officer Simeon Trent played by Silent Hunter
Helmsman: Weapons Officer Natayala Ivanovich played by Ironette


While patrolling the disputed Klingon border region, the USS Athena is diverted to acquire a vaccine for a virulent plague outbreak. Delivering the cure may prove more difficult than it seems as many interests hinge on the outcome of this crisis.

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