USS Repulse

"The Repulse, as its sister Excelsior class vessels, represents the strength of Starfleet and its continuing advance of technology. The Repulse serves as a ship of exploration as well as front line defense to any threat to the Federation and its allies."
- from the transfer orders penned by Admiral Styles


Sim Creator/Game Master: Jason Andersen
Commanding Officer: Silent Hunter


Assigned a five year galaxy patrol, the bold crew explores strange new worlds, seeks out uncharted civilizations and goes boldly forth into the unknown. The year is 2298. It's been five years since the Federation and the Klingon Empire signed a peace treaty at Khitomer. It's been a relatively quiet five years. An uneasy five years. Tensions are high, and a single spark could unravel the peace that has existed. Gone are the heroes of legend, James Kirk and crew. A new generation of heroes must emerge to carry the yolk set down by them. Will you be among these new legends?

The Characters

Captain Anna Heinz

Promoted on a temporary probationary basis, Heinz is a smart, stoic officer who doesn't say a tremendous amount. She is known for caution and methodical planning, having spent her career previously as an engineer.

Key NPCs

Admiral Edward Carter, Advisor to the CO

Recently promoted Admiral Carter is a man in his middle years, likely around the age of 40. Grey hair is beginning to spread from his temples throughout the rest of his hair, and the first signs of wrinkles have appeared at his eyes. Despite that he appears fairly fit, the muscles in his arms and legs well defined from some type of regular exercise, and his hands heavily calloused. He’s been around the galaxy a few times, and it shows with the commanding presence and boldness that he has. He is friendly but not overly outgoing, trying to keep his distance from non-senior staff to maintain the chain of command.

Commander Christina Sullivan, Chief Operations Officer

Commander Sullivan has the mind of a veteran captain, and it shows in all of her actions. She appears to be in her late 20s, but considering her rank most of her peers speculate she must be older. Her hair is dark, cut in a bob style. Her voice has a very distinct British accent. During off-duty times she can be found in the pool recreation room, swimming laps, and thus she nearly always has a faint scent of chlorine about her. She will make friends with anyone as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the decisions of her job.

Lt. Commander Hirosho Kazuko, Science Officer

Lt. Commander Hirosho is a very perceptive man in his early 30s. His hair is dark and cut short, and he is obviously of Asian descent. He has a light Japanese accent. Most of the time he can be found in Main Engineering, tinkering with this and that. He shows natural curiosity, trying to learn or figure out things that are unknown to him. He mostly keeps to himself, but when he gives his loyalty to a friend he is fiercely loyal. He does not allow many to get very close to him, but he is friendly and cordial to any who approach him

Lt. Marcelo Espenoza, Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Espenoza is a man in his late 20s. His hair is a dark brown and cut short. He has the look of Latino descent. His appearance is somewhat intimidating, and most of those who face him realize that if he wanted he could put anyone down quickly. He is more muscular than the average person, and a look at the scars on his face and hands shows that he has been a fighter in the past. He is friendly to anyone wearing a uniform, but he does not talk much about the past and especially doesn’t like to talk about himself.

Lt. Vorot, Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Vorot is the typical Vulcan. He appears calm and calculating in any situation, as most Vulcans do. He has black hair cut in the traditional Vulcan style, his features are sharp. His age is difficult to determine visually by humans, but he appears to be around 35 years old (in human years). Occasionally he will massage at his arm muscles when he doesn’t think anyone is looking, as if they were sore from strenuous exercise or lifting. He doesn’t socialize often, and gives off an arrogant attitude when conversing with others.

Lt (JG) Mariasha Badawi, Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant (JG) Badawi is a woman in her early 30s, but as many women of Indian descent she looks slightly younger. Her age and experience show in the work she does in the Sickbay, however. It is very apparent that the Sickbay is her territory, and she won’t let anyone push her around when it comes to medical matters. She wears her luxurious red and black hair in various styles, but usually up and out of her way. When it is down it hangs between her shoulder blades. Rumor around the ship is she once was a champion racquetball player.

Ensign Josette-Camille Roux, Chief Flight Conn Officer

Ensign Roux appears young, in her early 20s at the oldest, and possibly fresh out of the Academy, She has shiny black shoulder length hair that she usually wears tied back in a French braid, her skin is fair and clear, and she turns heads of her male peers as she walks by. She is fit and her muscles are well defined, but it is a mystery how she maintains this as she is rarely found in any of the exercise rooms. Her expression is usually the epitome of serious determination. Her off-duty time is usually spent talking with her shipmates in one of the recreation rooms, making friends where she can.

Basic plot (so far)

The Repulse is a newly minted ship fresh out of Earth Spacedock. Its initial shakedown cruise was an easy assignment - rendezvous with the USS Trial at Starbase Earhart to pick up additional crew members. On the way to Starbase Earhart, however, the Repulse received a distress beacon out of the Mutara Sector - a restricted sector of space only enterable with permission directly from Starfleet Command. After a private meeting in her ready room, Captain Heinz ordered the Repulse to enter the Mutara Sector, then called for a meeting of the Senior Staff to brief them…

Behind the scenes

The NPCs for the Repulse are all designed to step into Senior Staff roles (or step down from them) as necessary to make room for PCs or fill in for absent PCs.

Jason Andersen originally developed the Repulse as a table top Star Trek campaign. It is designed for quick, "episodic" play to give the same feeling as the TV series. The mission this Sim is currently on has been run via table top gaming twice now, and is called "Anagenesis". This Sim will be the third time. In addition, a second episode was created named "End of Line" and has also been played through twice. A third episode is in the works for both the table top game and for this Sim.