Wallenstein GmbH

The largest of the Big Four; Wallenstein, founded in 2402, is a family-run business that employs over 25,000 mercs. It does not have auxiliaries. With almost 100 ships, its fleet is considerable in size and power.

Headed by the ageing Kurt Wallenstein, the company specialises in big event security, such as fairs, concerts and sporting fixtures. It is considered good, but in need of reform to be truly effective.

The corporate colour is light grey.


Wallenstein is divided into four brigades, each with about 6,000 mercenaries:

  • Bulls of Mecklenburg
  • Lions of Bohemia
  • Eagles of Silesia
  • Tigers of Riga

A mercenary joins one of these brigades on entry and stays in that brigade (although they may move regiments) for their entire time in the company.

The rest of the force is in Command Regiment.


Mercs in the firm are formally called Wallensteiners, but often dubbed "Wallies" by their rivals.

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Behind the scenes

Wallenstein is named after Albrecht von Wallenstein (1583-1634), a Czech-born mercenary commander, who ended up in charge of over 100,000 men for the Holy Roman Empire, fighting on the Catholic side during the Thirty Years' War of 1618-1648, before eventually being assassinated by some of his own men when he was charged with high treason for making peace overtures to the Protestants.

His palace in Prague, Wallenstein Palace, is today the seat of the Czech Senate.