Waterworld Resort And Casino

Waterworld Resort and Casino is a leisure facility located on Peresphone, ten kilometres from Gatwick Spaceport. Built in 2467 and owned by Stewart Edmonds (who also runs 'Camelot' on the same planet), this water-themed resort consists of three tower blocks, three theatres and twelve pools freely available to paying guests.

The pools came in all shapes and sizes, ranging from large fun pools (including one with a ten-storey waterslide) to standard training pools to one reserved for those who don't want to wear costumes. Each of the honeymoon suites also has a small private pool.

The main casino and theatres are open to the public, with one of the pools being home to the nearly-night Pieces of Eight stunt show, that also features underclad stars of both sexes. There are a wide variety of games available, from blackjack to the highly popular strip-poker-by-proxy.

It is also the corporate headquarters of Maczarek Security, who provide security for the casino as well. Anna Maczarek lives in one of the penthouses.