Wing Commander: From The Ashes


Sim Creator/Game Master: Silent Hunter


TCS Phoenix is a ship arisen from the flames. Six months ago, she narrowly survived a Kilrathi attack that cost her 75% of her air wing and then took part in a humiliating withdrawal. She has the taint of cowardice about her - but she has been given the chance to make things right. Having finished her work-up and repair, her group is sent to a small Kilrathi held system. A quick in-and-out operation to keep the enemy on its toes. Nice and simple. It would be anything but.

The crew (Player Characters only)

TCS Phoenix

Type: Yorktown-class Light Carrier
Length: 720 metres
Mass: 28,000 metric tonnes
Maximum velocity: 120 kps
Integral Weapons: 11 Dual Mount Lasers, one point defence missile launcher
Armour: 1000 cm all over.
Shields: 3000cm equivalent

Crew complement: 2300
Fighter Complement: Up to 40 fighter-sized spacecraft. Current loadout (809th Fighter Wing):

  • 12 Rapiers - Drop Bears squadron
  • 12 Scimitars - Blades of Warsaw squadron
  • 8 Broadsword bombers - Ice Bandits squadron
  • 2 Wild Weasels, jammer and anti-radar versions of the Broadsword - 419th Electronic Warfare Flight
  • 2 Searchers, space-borne radar versions of the Broadsword - Eyes of the Fleet squadron

Commanding Officer: Captain Boris Kamarov, TCSN
Flag Officer: Rear Admiral Morgan Warner, TCSN
Commander, Space Group: Lieutenant Colonel Pierce "Salmon" Langer, TCSF

Key NPCs

The names in brackets are the actors that "play" the respective NPCs, to give a better visualisation of them.

Lieutenant Colonel Pierce "Salmon" Langer, TCSF (Philip Glenister)

Heir to a fisheries business (if his old man would just hurry up and die already) and a classically-educated Barnard University graduate, Langer is a spiky iron fist in an ornately tailored velvet glove.

Major Victoria "Chip" Carter, TCSF (Olivia Williams)

Commanding Officer of the Ice Bandits squadron, Major Carter has fifteen years in the force and was the sole survivor of her squadron in Xitir. Her warm, sunny disposition and a fondness for potato snacks hides the fact that she's self-medicating for depression.

Senior Spacehand Jovanka Martinez

Broadsword gunner.

Lieutenant Commander Melissa Messervy

The cold and highly analytical intelligence officer of the group; there are rumours that she has a fun side, but it's located on Kilrah.

Captain Boris Kamarov

CO of TCS Phoenix.

Lieutenant Commander (brevet) Sonia "Red" Arkwright

CO of the corvette Natasha Phelps, an attractive mustang who is the widow of a Phoenix pilot and a strong small craft commander.

Sandy Lund

A comedienne turned pin-up; a busty Latina who is going to turn up on Jolson and hopefully get the male characters into trouble.

Major Nina Espinosa

Sword-loving CO of the Blades of Warsaw (Scimitar squadron) and deputy commander of the Phoenix group in all but name, a highly intelligent and skilled pilot, but is her time running out?

Marie Athos

A launch tube technician who is going to be getting the female characters in trouble on Jolson.

Basic plot (so far)

Behind the scenes

  • Melissa Messervy is named after Admiral Sir Miles Messervy i.e. M in Ian Fleming's James Bond novels.