Zodiac Mercenaries: Mark II


Sim Creator and Sim Leader:Brandon L
Assistant Sim Leaders: Zuzutoo
Co-GMs: Brandon Ll and Zuzutoo


Earth as we know it is no longer. Instead it is a prison planet that specializes in training elite, power-armored troopers. Paired into a symbiotic relationship with their armor, these prisoners have been given a second chance - albeit one dictated by the whims of the powerful Zodiac Houses.


[quote=Dainul]Mostly for my own reference. Posted so I can see if wherever I'm posting from, and also so anyone else who wants can see it. Brandon - do you want to maintain an NPC list here as well?

Phoebe Artemis "Skulette" Moon[/url] - piloting Zeus Diana
Mirabella Nemesis "Grim Reapress" Berliner[/url] - piloting Ares Jack
Miguel Sarame "Cuchillo" Torres[/url] - piloting Ares Ramón
Lukas "Lumberjack" Richter[/url] - piloting Hades Sworty
Marcus Kilgore "Big E" Edwards[/url] - piloting Hades Joanie
Tavarian "Phoenix" Latimer[/url] - piloting Apollo Justin
Nekoda (Kody) Singh
Gideon D'Pavaroti

Sophia "Angel" Law - piloting Hephaestus Armael

Dr. Arnold Faust


Mission One - Code Name: Escort Service

  • A very high level courtesan to House Sagittarius has been kidnapped. House Scorpio is trying to negotiate for better trade treaties, and decided that this would be the best way to do so.