Sim Creator: dratliff
Current Sim Leader: Jason Andersen
Current GM: Jason Andersen


In the year 2011, and thanks to mankind’s ability to overmedicate himself, a strain of the flu caused a serious problem: those who died didn’t stay dead. Within a year of this outbreak, the entire world as many know it had ended. Society had to pick itself up as the survivors fled underground to begin anew. What came from this destruction was a new world order full of civilians, Jumpers, Foragers, Guardians, and Cleaners, all meant to help keep humankind alive and in touch with each other. Above ground, the answer and keys to why the dead returned to life are hidden in research facilities long abandoned – but the undead also roam above, ready and willing to consume the flesh of the unwary. And as if that weren’t bad enough, it seems as if the same thing that caused the zombies to evolve in the first place has allowed a scant few to retain the most devastating ability of all: their intelligence…

The Characters

Alan Coles (played by Jason Andersen)
William Sugar (played by Silent Hunter)
Petra Deveraux (played by Misty Wilson)
Sam Jones (played by Krista Blackman)
Steven Baker (played by wanderer)

Key NPCs


Basic plot (so far)

Alan and William encounter each other in a building in the Business District. After retrieving something from William's old office, they hear the sound of a motor engine outside. The sound also attracts Petra, who is picked up by the driver, Sam Jones. The noise, however, also attracts the zombies, and the group of four speed off down the deserted roads of New Orleans to the relative safety of the Medical District. There, Alan and Sam check out a local hospital, and while inside, the zombies close in on Sugar and Petra. Fleeing into the hospital, they find they are not alone - survivors are on the second floor, one of them being Steven. As the zombies pursue their prey, the group must find a way to flee the hospital with their lives…

Behind the scenes